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Enterprise Architecture under control & Architecture of the future

Mastering Complexity & Planning and Managing digital Transformation

Enterprise Architecture is the single point of truth for all essential Business and technical structures and provides tools to:

  • create transparency
  • master complexity,
  • Business-IT-Alignment &
  • effectively plan & control the further development of enterprise landscape

The key to this is to provide the relevant and adequate information to the various stakeholder groups in a timely manner and tailor views to the target groups.

Lean Material - Lean42 GmbH

Our Services

  • EAM Quick Start (with / without Product Evaluation)
  • EAM Product Evaluation
  • Strategy-to-Masterplan: Target Image & Roadmap Design
  • Individual consulting services or taking over the role of corporate architect

Supporting digital transformation systematically and leading it to success

EAM Quick Start & Product Evaluation

Systematic and holistic rough conception of your Enterprise Architecture Management in 2 half-day workshops

  • Holistic derivation and design of your target vision, EAM goals, questions & EA answers, EA structures and EA governance
  • Planning the next expansion stage
  • Lightweight EAM product evaluation

Quickly create a valuable starting point for the expansion

Fixed price – please contact us!

Target Vision & Roadmap Design

Target image & roadmap systematically derived with Lean42 best practices in a few months

  • Identify business drivers
  • Holistic analysis to identify fields of action
  • Design and operationalize target image & roadmap for implementation
  • Determine measures

Strategy-to-Master Plan: Systematic, lean & effective

Business architecture provides the functional framework for the derivation of the target image and the roadmap for implementation and its operationalization.

Our tailor-made lean service packages at a glance: