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The right tool for a particular purpose


Well-founded product evaluation for a successful introduction of EAM

Based on decades of experience in the EAM environment, we provide a product evaluation catalog. All current EAM tools are evaluated with regard to all relevant EAM features. You only have to set your priorities and at the push of a button you have your shortlist of EAM tools that fit your needs.

We are happy to support you with this and with a detailed evaluation.

The shortlist creation is also an optional part of our EAM Quick-Start package, where we create a rough EAM concept with representative examples from your context for you within one week. In this way, we create the basis for a sound evaluation and for a successful quick-win-based introduction of EAM.

Lean Material - Lean42 GmbH

Our Service

  • Identification and alignment of functional and non-functional EAM requirements
  • Lightweight EAM product evaluation by identifying all relevant EAM tools
    based on analyst reports & Lean42 experience
  • Evaluation of the results and derivation of a shortlist based on the evaluation results
  • Execution of product presentation, demonstration of use cases based on demo data
  • Written evaluation of the results from the PoCs regarding the fulfillment of the criteria
  • Preparation of the decision document with strengths/weaknesses profile of the shortlist

Find your customized EAM tool reliably and quickly

Fixed price – please contact us!

Our tailor-made lean service packages at a glance: