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EA Maturity Self Diagnostic Assessment

Self Diagnostic Excel

Our self-diagnostic tool is here to help you gauge where your organization stands on the journey towards implementing or relaunching an effective EA practice.

Download our EA Assessment excel for FREE and gain valuable insights into your maturity level. It’s quick, simple, and available now on our homepage. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your EA capabilities!

How to use this assessment?

To view where your organization falls on the journey to maturing and running an effective EA practice, select the value (1-5) that best describes your understanding about your organization’s effectiveness across each factor.

Fill out the form and have the Self Diagnostic Assessment sent directly to you free of charge!

Get “EA Maturity Self Diagnostic Assessment” for free

The self-diagnostic provides a quick assessment of where your organization falls on the journey of launching or rebooting an effective EA practice.

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    Please send me the free Lean material "EA Maturity Self Diagnostic Assessment"
    You will receive the excel file directly after submitting the form.

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