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Building a Successful Information Security Strategy: Safeguard Your Organization 

Join us for a free webinar by lean42 on “Information Security & Data Privacy (ISMS)” and learn how to secure your organization with an effective Information Security Strategy. 

In today’s digital age, protecting sensitive information and ensuring data privacy is of utmost importance. This webinar will provide you with valuable insights on how to prioritize your limited information security resources and develop a strategic approach that is business-driven, risk-focused, and holistic.

At lean42, we understand that an effective Information Security Strategy goes beyond just technology. It encompasses people, processes, and technologies to create a comprehensive and robust security framework. Our experts will guide you through our proven approach and help you build a successful Information Security Strategy tailored to your organization’s needs.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to enhance your organization’s security posture. Register now and secure your spot for this informative webinar! 📝🔒

Live Webinar (Teams):

  • Thursday, 21st September 2023
  • 9.30 am EDT / 2.30 pm UTC (3.30 pm CEST)