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Accelerate your Enterprise Architecture Management

📢 Exciting Opportunity for EAM Professionals: Join the Lean42 Training on Accelerating Your Enterprise Architecture Management Expansion! 🚀

Are you looking to optimize and further expand your Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) implementation? Lean42 is thrilled to announce our upcoming training session, where you can assess your EAM status objectively and systematically, identify areas for action and optimization potential, and learn tips and tricks for your current challenges.

In this training, we will focus on anchoring EAM compactly in your organization. We will help you answer questions about how to effectively anchor EAM, design roadmaps, establish architecture principles, develop maintenance concepts, create modeling guidelines, build an EA service catalog, devise communication plans, define non-functional requirements, establish reference architectures, implement EA processes, and develop strategies… and other essential EAM artifacts.

Here’s what you can expect from the training:

🔹 Collection of successes and upcoming challenges: Learn from real-world examples and understand how to overcome common obstacles in EAM implementation.

🔹 EAM maturity level assessment: Determine where you currently stand in your EAM journey and identify the next steps for improvement.

🔹 Lean EAM approach: Discover how to deliver more benefits with less effort by streamlining your EAM processes and practices.

🔹 The right toolbox: Explore essential tools such as stakeholder analysis, maintenance concepts, modeling guidelines, service catalogs, architecture principles, and more.

🔹 Strategic dimensions of EAM: Understand how EAM aligns with enterprise, IT, and cloud strategies, and learn how to position EAM as a value provider.

🔹 KPIs, EA governance, and anchoring: Gain insights into measuring the success of your EAM implementation, establishing effective governance, and anchoring EAM in your organization.

🔹 Roadmapping and landscape planning: Learn how to identify areas for action, design effective roadmaps, and communicate them to stakeholders.

🔹 Current topics and EAM answers: Stay up-to-date with the latest trends in EAM, including AI/ML, Citizen Developer, Cloud, and Digital Transformation, and discover how EAM can address these challenges.

🔹 Tips and tricks for your challenges: Benefit from the experience of our expert trainers and learn practical tips and tricks to overcome your specific EAM challenges.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to accelerate your Enterprise Architecture Management expansion and take your EAM implementation to the next level!

📆 Date: October 17, 2023
⏰ Time: 9 am – 5 pm CEST
📍 Location: Lean42 Munich