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The perfect mix of soccer and leadership skills! 

You might be wondering what soccer has to do with the Lean Leader Summit 2024? Well, we’ll explain it to you! Our exquisite conference will take place in Munich in July, coinciding with the European Football Championship.

With a range of expert speakers and a wealth of knowledge, our conference is the ideal platform to take your leadership skills to the next level. But don’t worry, we’ve carefully timed the conference to coincide with the non-match days, so you can enjoy the European Football Championship to the full while being inspired by the expert talks on IT development, business strategy and enterprise architecture management.

Find out why you should attend the Lean Leader Summit 2024:
✅ Gain valuable insights from industry experts on IT, business and EAM
✅ Network with like-minded professionals and expand your professional circle
✅ Enjoy the best of both worlds – indulge in soccer fever and expand your leadership skills

We know that a balance between work and leisure is important for personal development. That’s why we have planned the event so that you can enjoy every moment of the soccer championship and benefit from experts at the same time.

Don’t miss out on this exceptional opportunity! Make a note of the Lean Leader Summit 2024 in Munich!

July 4, 2024 | 8 am – 6 pm | Munich