Management & Organization 4.0

Leanize & successfully shape the Organization of the Future

LEANIZE = Step-by-step quick-win-based systematic expansion towards the target vision with high quality standards

  • Customer value orientation
  • Elimination of waste
Increase agile customer value and eliminate waste
Ensure reliable, secure and cost-efficient business operations & create scope for innovation

Our Services

  • Lean Checkup: Identification of potentials for streamlining and increasing customer value
  • Process workshops for business process optimization and design of your target processes
  • Enabling through Lean Organization 4.0
  • Individual consulting services to define and establish your Organization 4.0 & your holistic IT management tools

Leanize & successfully shape the Organization of the Future

Lean Checkup

Understanding – Analyzing – Designing – Implementing

Identification of potentials for Leanizing and increasing customer value in 2 half-day workshops or online meetings

  • Workshop I: Understanding and analysis through interviews and joint selection of solution modules
  • Workshop II: Design and implementation through operationalization of solution modules

Fixed price – please contact us!

Eliminate waste & increase customer value

Lean Organization 4.0

Systematic and holistic analysis of the digital cabilities & skills of your organization and design of your Lean Organization 4.0

  • Holistic maturity check: identify digital skills, governance, culture and processes and identify deficits
  • Define measures for operationalization

Enabling Digitalization through Organization of the Future

Organization of the future as an enabler of digital transformation

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